The Listening Program: Weeks 1-4

The Listening Program: Weeks 1-4

If you have read my previous posts, you know I’ve had a tough year. A couple of months ago, I decided to focus on taking care of myself more intentionally. In addition to traditional advice, such as eat better and exercise more, I started The Listening Program. As of this weekend, I’ve completed 4 weeks of the program. Here is a summary of what has happened:

Week 1 (Blue Zone): I was so excited to unpack my headset and get started. I started with Level I in the Blue Zone, listening for 30-minutes a session. My first session was Monday night, November 30th. I listened for 5 days in a row, Monday through Friday.

After my first session, I was relaxed and not feeling bothered by things around me. This included not being bothered by my normal, end-of-day sugar cravings. However, by Thursday, I was having difficulty sleeping and was feeling more anxious and agitated. I decided to break up my training into two 15-minute segments.

During each session I colored. Coloring felt like quite a treat. I hadn’t colored since I was a child.

Week 2 (Blue Zone): By the end of the week, after training twice a day for five days, I was feeling generally relaxed, focused, and motivated. I actually stopped thinking of doing things and started doing them! After my Friday morning training, I was feeling so confident, that I called a local retailer and complained about their customer service. This isn’t something I would normally have done, but I was so clear about my position and the value in sharing it with them. Whoo hoo! It felt good to get that off my chest!

Week 3 (Green Zone): This week started a new zone and I was able to pick up on some of the frequency filtering in the music. Again, I generally felt focused, relaxed, and motivated this week. On Friday, I found myself connecting emotionally with memories of my husband. Some memories were good and I felt a little nostalgic, others reminded me of situations that upset me. Interestingly, nothing was overwhelming, just there.

I switched from coloring to knitting.

Week 4 (Green Zone): I must be on some kind of roll! I’ve been doing more physical activity, and enjoying it! I have also realized that I have gotten a huge amount accomplished this week. This week Christmas was Friday, which meant several tasks and activities, such as wrapping gifts, cooking dishes, attending dinners. In addition to all those tasks for two separate gatherings, I also did my first Periscope broadcast, bought a video editing program, and edited the video.

Lesson learned: I didn’t feel like I had accomplished so much, which means it is important to document accomplishments and changes at the time. If you rely on how you feel, you might miss important changes.

That’s my summary for the first 4 weeks. So far, I feel that the training has been very helpful for calming me down and getting me focused. I feel less worried about possible future scenarios and more able to handle whatever comes my way.

I’ll be starting the Orange Zone training this week. I can’t wait to see what shows up at this next level.

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