Week 6 of TLP: Big Changes

Week 6 of TLP: Big Changes

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The Listening Program has been one of those experiences that snuck up on me. First, it’s a little hard to believe that I’ve finished 6 weeks of training! Then, as I look back, I see big changes.

Energy: As I look back over the past 6 weeks I see that my energy level is returning to its pre-catastrophy levels. At that level, I was running a full-time private practice, working at the VA Hospital, and sitting on the board of the Oregon Psychological Association, which included a year as president. On top of all that I was working furiously to keep with life outside of work: marriage, home ownership, dog ownership, having fun. After the catastrophe that took my husband’s life, my energy was gone (understandably). Over the past 6 weeks, I feel like it has returned and I’m ready to take on more work and do more things.

Time: Along with having more energy comes more time. Have you ever noticed that? Now, I’m working out regularly and looking forward to fun activities. Now, I have energy at the end of the workday and am thinking I could take on more work. Now, cleaning the kitchen doesn’t seem like such a chore. 🙂

Clarity: This has never been a strong suit of mine. I tend to get muddled in the details, especially when it comes to conflicts with others. This week, in the midst of having to make a difficult decision, I had complete clarity. I knew how I felt and I could articulate why I felt that way. I didn’t feel a need to apologize or downplay my reaction. Best of all, I made plans to take action, which meant firing a top paying client of mine.

Fear. She kept raising her voice, telling me it wasn’t going to work. She’s not so loud now. She’s not gone, but that’s okay. Her voice is no longer stopping me from moving forward.

This coming week I am moving into the Red Zone. My TLP coach tells me this is where all the action is. I can hardly imagine more and better, but I’ll take it.


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