TLP: Four Weeks in the Red Zone and Outside Effects

TLP: Four Weeks in the Red Zone and Outside Effects

These past four weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. Before starting the Red Zone, everything was humming along pretty well. I’d had stressors and dealt with them easier than usual. I was focusing on important stuff and getting things done. I was happy.

And, then I wasn’t, but I didn’t know what was going on. It didn’t feel like TLP was responsible because what I felt I’d felt before. I was low energy, fuzzy headed, irritable, and in the grip of fear.

It was one of those times I only understood what was happening when I came out of it.

I was doing TLP, and that part was going well. So why was I struggling? It turns out that I was suffering from a low-grade reaction to wheat and refined carbohydrates. I had started eating grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti for dinner. These meals are quite tasty, easy to prepare and best of all inexpensive. But after a week I wasn’t doing well. I knew that I would suffer some digestive consequences because wheat and I don’t get along too well. But, I didn’t expect to be fuzzy headed, irritable, and low energy. I didn’t expect to be immobilized again.

I would not have suspected my diet if I hadn’t stumbled upon Dave Asprey’s interview with Dr. David Ludwig. Here is a link to the podcast. After listening to this mind-blowing podcast, I made some changes to my diet and within a day, I was feeling better. It’s amazing what clean vegetables, quality proteins, and healthy fats can do for the body!

Now I’m back on track. I’ve finished four weeks of the Red Zone and the first cycle of Level I. I’m ready for Cycle 2 starting tomorrow.

I’ve also kept my promise to read, journal, and exercise daily. I’ve been more physically active since the first of the year, and I’m starting to notice the difference. My workout video had me doing burpees this morning. I HATE burpees. They are hard! Interestingly, this morning they weren’t as hard as they had been. That felt like an accomplishment!

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