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When you work with me
we will focus on two key life areas,
your relationships and your mindset.


Under these two key areas
we can cut through what limits you
so you can break through
to the life you really want.

Manage your energy and emotional states so you are MORE CONSISTENT and MORE EFFECTIVE

Create SATISFYING and EASY RELATIONSHIPS with your partner, family, employees, and co-workers

Get other people on board to help you achieve your goals, or get them out of your way

Identify the ONE THING you need to take your progress to the next level

Create and believe in a vision of your future so compelling you are UNSTOPPABLE

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Not happy in your relationship? I can help with:

• Feeling lonely in a relationship

• Healing communication in relationships

• Identifying childhood wounds that still affect you

• Deciding whether or how to leave a relationship

Divorced or Widowed? I can help with:

• Getting over heart break

• Figuring out what you want in another partner

• Avoiding making the same partnership mistakes

• Feeling too old or marginalized for another relationship

• Repairing communication with your ex

Mindset work (everyone needs this!)

• Making major decisions

• Overcoming fear and rejection

• Recovering from failure

• Handing criticism

• Identifying self-sabotage

• Finding your authentic voice

• Controlling your emotional reactions

• Impostor Syndrome

• Performance anxiety

• Career transitions

Schedule a call with me today to find out how I can help you


Coaching is very personal and I create individualize coaching packages to fit you, your schedule, and your way of doing things.

If you want weekly calls—you got it
If you need daily check-ins—you got it
Do you like to email or text—go for it
Don’t have time to meet face-to-face—virtual coaching is for you
Need more than traditional coaching—there are options here too

Given my 20 years experience of working with people I know that not everything is under your control. Sometimes emotions take over and you aren’t as resourceful as you could be. Or you’re too exhausted to do what needs to be done. In these cases, you may benefit from more than just talking. I may recommend additional ways of working with me.

Beyond traditional coaching

Traditionally coaching focuses on goal achievement and personal development. Coaches and clients talk, clients do things to achieve their goals. But what if that doesn’t work? What if the client isn’t motivated, is struggling with the breakup of a relationship, or is dealing with emotional wounds that impede their progress? There are other things I can offer to help with these kinds of issues and more.

The Listening Program®

The Listening Program® is acoustically modified music that has global effects on executive function, creativity, social and emotional functioning, the stress response, communication, motor coordination and auditory processing.

I used The Listening Program ® when I was recovering from the death of my husband. It helped me feel less overwhelmed, better able to communicate, think clearly, and be more creative.

The Listening Program® can be done online (so there is no need to be in my office) and is a great addition to traditional coaching because it will support you in making needed changes.


Neurofeedback is a method of giving the brain information about how it functions. With this information the brain is able to make adjustments to how it responds to almost anything. Anything the brain is responsible for can be affected by neurofeedback, including problems sleeping, lack of motivation, feeling stressed, reacting rather than responding, problems focusing, distraction, and much more.

I have used neurofeedback for years to calm my stress response, have more focus and clarity, and be more considerate in responses to others. It even helps me with headaches and feeling off balance after traveling.

Neurofeedback is done in my office in Portland, OR.

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